About T.A.P.

The Photographer:

Hi, my name is Tammy and I am the primary photographer and namesake of Tammy Ali Photography.


I thank you for visiting our site and for having an interest in my photography and want to take a moment to tell you a little bit about me and the way I work.


I grew up in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. but have lived in Kuwait for the last 24 years during the school year.  I return home, to Erie, PA in the summers and am available for on-location sessions there as well.  I've been told that  a mix of cultures is often reflected in my photography style, adding just  a touch of something different no matter where I am working.  I can tell you that I TRULY enjoy photography.  I love working with people and am always amazed and entertained while working with children. Photographing women is something also dear to my heart. I feel that us women, especially mothers, don't get in front of camera often enough, we don't exist in photographs often enough.  Photographing women, helping them to find their true beauty and to know they have beautiful portraits for themselves and their families is always inspiring and empowering to all of us.  For all of my work, I strive to keep sessions stress-free, relaxed and fun and do believe that this is reflected in my work. 


I didn't come to be a professional photographer until I had left full-time work as a teacher and no longer HAD to work though photography was always a big part of my life.  I'd taught English to children and adults for many years and think that this experience adds to my skills as a photographer.  Much of my life has revolved around children and photography has always been where my passion lies. As a teacher, I worked mostly with other women who supported each other.  These two phases of my life coming together makes perfect sense for anyone that knows me and I know it is "THE" thing I was meant to do. 


On a personal note, I am also passionate about fitness and admire those of us with the determination and strength to reach personal goals.  I would love to be a part of documenting your fitness journey!


I work from a studio and on location.  I appreciate the flexibility that studio lighting affords me but my passion remains to be natural lighting.  Whatever the location or light source, I aim to provide you with the most dynamic, emotive, beautiful, exceptional images possible while remaining true to you or your child's character. 


Because quality is important to me, both in the photography side of things and in customer service, I limit the number of sessions booked per month.  I also carefully process and retouch each image, or supervise others in doing so, in preparation for viewing appointments.  I am happiest when clients become friends and love being invited back to see framed prints, acrylics or canvases hung prominently on walls.


I'd love to have the honor of photographing your family.